The mind doesn’t experience the physical world directly, but via data it receives from sensors built into the body, like eyes and ears. For various reasons, the mind builds an imaginary world, that matches the physical world, using meaning and values. Of course it gets things wrong, and then updates the imaginary world when it gets new data, mostly from mistakes.

When something happens in the physical world, the mind takes this data and makes its best guess about what it means based on its current version of the imaginary world, and then sends instructions to the body to create behavior in the physical world.

This means that the mind is always seeking the meaning of data, and because it’s really concerned about keeping or destroying relationships, it can worry, and make mistakes that it regrets.


Play these games to see what is happening in other peoples’ imaginary worlds and the real world, and protect yourself from those that profit from causing you problems. Playing these games will also protect the ones you love from impatience and wasted trust, and ease pain.


Our perception of objects in the real world is based on our meaning of those objects.

Our patience is based on our ability to find the line between our imaginary world, other peoples’ imaginary worlds, and the real world.

A cure to our mental and physical pain is based on sensations and behavior.